Fronius Modbus Card

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Fronius Modbus Card

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Fronius Modbus Card

Fronius inverters can be easily integrated into third-party systems using the Fronius Modbus Card. All PV system data is output via a standardised Modbus RTU – SunSpec protocol for processing in the next stage of the process. Likewise it is also possible to control the inverter by third-party components.
Installation is  straightforward, so the Fronius Modbus Card can be used in both new and existing systems. If several inverters are connected in a single system, the Fronius Modbus Card is installed in every Fronius IG, Fronius IG Plus or Fronius CL inverter.
The Fronius Symo and Fronius Galvo inverters have a permanently integrated Modbus TCP interface. Furthermore, with the Fronius Datamanager, Fronius IG Plus, Fronius IG and Fronius CL inverters can also be fitted with a Modbus TCP interface.

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