Kostal Piko 36 EPC solar inverter

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Kostal Piko 36 EPC

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Kostal Piko 36 EPC solar inverter

Private companies have become aware of the advantages of solar systems and have started installing them to cut power usage–related expenses and to optimise spending. To meet the needs of this particular growing sector, KOSTAL has designed a special product – PIKO 36 EPC inverter.

Offering maximum output power of 36 kVA the PIKO 36 EPC is designed for larger photovoltaic systems, thus offering new possibilities for corporate solar energy needs. Fitted for solar projects of up to 3 MW it ensures high maximum efficiency of 98,7 % and provides all expected quality features, so customers can enjoy the benefits of high product flexibility, communication and easy installation. PIKO Plan layout software may be used for all design work with PIKO 36 EPC inverter.

PIKO 36 EPC meets all client needs by guaranteeing highest performance levels. Thanks to built in PIKO EPC Off Switch board, the grid and system safety is ensured.

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