SMA BatFuse B.01 NH01/2x125A

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SMA BatFuse B.01 NH01/2x125A

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SMA BatFuse B.01 NH01/2x125A
Increased safety for your on- or off-grid storage system: As an external DC distribution board, the BatFuse secures the Sunny Island’s battery connection cables. It also ensures all-pole battery fuse protection and allows the inverters to be disconnected from voltage sources. Depending on the variant, the devices offer up to three inverter connections and up to six connections on the DC side. Additionally, the BatFuse features a battery voltage tap, which can be used for supplying external DC loads.

External, cost-effective DC fuse and distribution board
For currents of between 63 A and 250 A
Easy wall mounting
Standardized connections with M8 tube terminal lugs
Can be used for off-grid and on-grid applications

Variants available for all Sunny Islands
Up to three Sunny Islands can be connected on the inverter side and up to six DC connections on the battery side
Battery voltage tap for DC loads

Safe and Reliable
All-pole battery fusing
Easy disconnection of the inverters
High degree of protection IP 65
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